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Do you have questions about your employment contract, your rights in terms of employment and income ?

Are you unemployed and do you need help to draw up your administrative file and look for another job? Do you need information on time credit, travel expenses, leave? Or do you wish to move your career in a completely new direction but you do not know which steps are required?

You can count on ACV-CSC to help you find an answer to all these questions and represent your interests.

Trade union work means tailor-made solutions

ACV-CSC has in fact quite a lot to offer as regards employment and income. ACV-CSC is keen to provide personal service. Our personal service can match your specific situation depending on your job, your status or your issue. ACV-CSC possesses the required expertise to advise and assist you on any issue related to your status as a worker.

A membership that benefits everybody

Joining ACV-CSC means more than merely a safe cover if questions arise or in the event of a conflict with your employer or with the unemployment insurance. Our role is to find solutions which benefit your colleagues as well as yourself. This is why we are so much involved in social dialogue. Good collective agreements are important for all workers. Joining ACV-CSC means becoming more resilient and increasing the union’s influence. This benefits everyone.

How do you join ACV-CSC?

A brief overview of our services

  • Why should you join ACV-CSC? See below which services we are offering you. 
  • Or download the ACV-CSC brochure.

Membership fees

  • Nothing can be achieved without spending money. Please check our general rules about membership fees (document in French).
  • ACV-CSC members are also entitled to several benefits (such as in the event of a child’s birth, or a marriage, etc.).
  • Do you work in a joint committee which allows workers to receive a benefit paid by the union? If you do, this annual premium will significantly lower the real cost of your membership fee.
  • The youth, students and school-leavers involved in a Professional Insertion Plan may join ACV-CSC free of charge from the age of 15 until the age of 25. For more information, see our website.
  • Young people who start working before the age of 25 pay a membership fee of only 10 euro per month (i. e. 0,33 cent per day) during the first year. Learn more on our website

Membership of ACV-CSC, what’s in it for me?

Personal advice

There is an ACV-CSC point of contact in almost every municipality in Flanders. This is where union members may come to find an answer to any question or problem regarding income or work. You may for instance contact us about your contract, the year-end bonus and the premium paid by the union, your wages, time credit, leave, unemployment, illness and accidents (on the workplace).

Free legal aid

ACV-CSC provides its members information, advice and help, as well as legal assistance when the need arises. A membership of at least 6 consecutive months is required in order to be eligible for this assistance.

Free career advice

Do you wish to make the most of your career ? You need career advice? In Flanders, ACV-CSC has created centers where visitors can get information about training possibilities. For more information, see our websites:

Je (external site, in Dutch) en loopbaanadvies



If you should unexpectedly become unemployed, ACV-CSC is there to help you draw up your unemployment administrative file and finalize it. If you do have an e-ID and a card reader, you can monitor your unemployment administrative file online via Mijn ACV / Ma CSC.

ACV-CSC benefits

Are you getting married soon? Or are you expecting a baby? Have you been a faithful member of ACV-CSC for many years? If that is the case, you may apply for a benefit paid by ACV-CSC. The amount you will get varies according to the local organization.

Benefit paid by the union

Depending on the sector in which you work, you may often get back part of your membership fee since union members are eligible for a benefit paid by the union. An agreement about a benefit paid by the union can be struck on the basis of a collective agreement between employers and unions. As a result, you get a better deal on your membership fee. You can use the website of the trade union federation to which you belong to check whether you are entitled to a benefit paid by the union.

ACV-CSC on the shop floor: union representatives and trade associations

If you have specific questions about your sector or the company you work for, please contact our local militant within your company. If there is no union representative within your company, you may also contact the full-time union official of your trade association. If the need arises, they will negotiate with your employer to find a good solution.
If you haven’t found your trade association or if you are in doubt about the appropriate one, please contact an ACV-CSC point of contact down your way.


Something you also need to know is that once you are a member, you may use our services without even leaving your home. Have a look at our e-services to see what’s on offer. The best way to join ACV-CSC is via our website. When they connect, members get access to much more information and they may use additional tools.

Joining CSC-ACV (joining form in English)